We’re prepared for the return to full in-person learning.

On March 9, 2021, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) issued new guidance regarding hybrid and remote learning models and the return to full in-person learning. As of April 28th, remote learning is no longer counted toward instructional learning hours for middle school students. The return to full in-person learning for high school students has been set for May 17th by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  By September, all students will return to full-time in-person learning (including those whose parents are opting to keep them at home at the current time), barring any further developments of the pandemic or government regulations. We know that change can be unsettling for everyone, and particularly for our students, and we expect that it may be hard for our remote students to reacclimate to the daily routine of preparing for school and attending in-person for a full day, 5 days a week. As we get closer to the full return to in-person learning, we are working closely with our students and families to help remote students gradually transition back to the 8:10 to 2:30 school day. Our professional development meetings are focused on providing the individualized, supportive interventions our students will need and our homeroom teacher counselors have continued to outreach to all remote students to help them with their transition back to the classroom. We are encouraging families to begin to send remote students back to school as early as the week after April vacation, if possible. Our hope is that all of our Farr students will be attending full in-person learning by the time of our summer program, which is from July 6th through August 9th. We have asked our current families to let us know by May 15th if their child will be attending our summer program and if they will be attending remotely or in-person.

The safety of our Farr community is always our first priority.

Farr Academy has offered in-person instruction to all of our students since September 8, 2020.  We are in compliance with CDC guidelines, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and DESE for maintaining physical distancing and cleaning protocols to minimize the risk of disease transmission on our campus.

In-person students are expected to be observant of our health and safety protocols, including our requirement to wear masks, temperature checks prior to entry, our one-way hallways, and frequent use of the hand sanitizer dispensers that are in each classroom and in key locations around the building.  Classrooms are organized to ensure that staff and students maintain a safe distance. Breakfast, snacks, and lunch are chosen ahead of time by students and delivered to each classroom for them to enjoy.

We maintain a full supply of personal protective equipment, including masks for those who forget to bring their own. In adherence to DESE guidelines, we also have a designated waiting space to use in the event a student or staff member begins exhibiting symptoms of illness and needs to await transportation home.  

Remote students are provided Chromebooks for their home use, allowing them to log into virtual classes each school day. Students may also have individualized work delivered periodically to their homes. Our homeroom teacher counselors use various methods of outreach to keep our remote students engaged, including checking in with students each day via telephone or connecting with them individually through Google Meet when they have difficulties with consistent attendance.

Visitors:  At this time, in-person visits to Farr must be arranged in advance. The initial intake interview with referred students and their parents or guardians is conducted remotely.  All guests are expected to adhere to our safety procedures.  A COVID resource guide for parents and students is available in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. Click on the links below for access:

COVID-19 Resource Guide

COVID-19 Guia de Recursos de Parentes/Estudiantes

Paran/Elev Gid Resous COVID-19