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Channeling impulsive energy into positive growth.

Aggression doesn’t need to be a negative force. Proper channeling can transform it into the persistence and motivation that fuel personal growth. Farr Academy has helped to re-direct aggressive energy into positive pursuits for almost 50 years. Our students learn to manage anxiety, stress, frustration and anger — while resolving issues through reflection and non-judgmental, non-punitive problem solving discussions.

A comprehensive approach to meet students’ diverse needs.

Farr Teacher/Counselors meet students where they are, craft a personalized curriculum to address specific emotional and/or learning challenges, and create a therapeutic environment to nurture the whole person. In addition to a solid foundation of classroom learning, our curriculum includes access to college prep services, multifaceted physical education and outdoor activities, studio art and woodworking, and an intensive school-to-career program.

Check out our Handbook:  Farr Academy Parent-Student Handbook

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The Farr Academy staff: as caring as they are capable.

The overall 2:1 student/staff ratio of our program includes everyone involved in providing direct services to Farr Academy students: administrators, clerical staff, teacher/counselors, clinical staff and consultants. Our staff bring strong professional credentials and capacity to our mission, but their ability to work well with our students is of paramount importance.

Our Leadership Team:


Kim Phillips


Tim Gallagher
Associate Director


Ariel Greenidge
Parent Clinical Coordinator


Susan Woodin
Admissions & Communications Coordinator