Student and parent voices are central to the work we do at Farr.
These heartfelt sentiments continue to inspire our daily mission.

Farr Academy was a wonderful fit for my son.   After several bad experiences, for a child who was completely misunderstood and mishandled, I finally found a school that PROMISED they would not give up on my child.  

Finally a place I could call home.  The constant communication, although my son thought that was too much, I found refreshing.  No restraints, no bad comments about my son.  Just how can we all work together to make him successful.   

We left Farr feeling that my son was able to be more social and to express himself without all the negativeness he had when he first arrived.  He truly grew into a fine, less angered young man.

 Parent of Farr student 2013-2017

Things that I love about Farr Academy that I will take with me into the new chapter in my life are that no matter how tough things get, there will be people always there to support and help me. I will miss all the crazy, spontaneous, annoying, and amazingly dedicated teachers that were always on my back every day! …I will always remember my sixth period English class, where we used to talk about real life and kept it a hundred.

What I will remember the most is that all the Farr teachers will go to the moon and back for every student. What I will hopefully forget is how annoying all the teachers were. So, with that said, don’t take these teachers for granted. This is Farr Academy – a home, a family, and a school. No one can change that.

 — Senior Statement, 2018 graduate

Graduating is very bittersweet, but I’m glad to say I finally did it, despite my struggles. There were a lot of people who thought I wouldn’t make it because of my attitude, but look now, I DID IT!! …I want to give a special thanks to everyone who helped me achieve my goals and were there when I needed someone to lean on! I’m going to miss Farr Academy – thank you for getting to know me and teaching me new things. I appreciate you guys
soooo much!!!

 — Senior Statement, 2018 graduate

When I first came to this school… I was always acting crazy, fighting a lot, not going to classes, yelling at staff, and always getting distracted. I would often focus on irrelevant things. But as I got older, I learned to respect people and to respect myself. I started focusing more on my education, and staying true to myself so I could focus on what I had to get done. As people would say, I came a long way.

I look at the teachers here like they are a part of my family. They have helped me so much the past two years. At one point, I wanted to drop out, but they helped me keep pushing. I am so happy to be graduating, but I am going to miss everybody so much. I love all the teachers, but my Homeroom Teacher/Counselor and I have been through a lot. She has always been there for me. She helped me through everything. She’s like my second mom.

 — Senior Statement, 2018 graduate

I believe that the most important thing that happened at Farr is that when we as parents and our student could not see the light at the end of the tunnel and felt demoralized by the long high school process, our daughter’s Farr homeroom teacher/counselor never gave up hope. He reminded me and her every day that things were better and would get still better. He shepherded when we felt like quitting. As we slogged along Farr worked with her to design curriculum that interested her as much as possible within school hours and accommodated our request to get her dual enrollment at our local community college. That in itself helped us approach college in a way that confirmed she was capable and made the actual college transition less scary this year. The products of the wood shop and ceramics were wonderful too; it is hard to use or enjoy a paper or a discussion for long but having a tangible usable item was great. Thank you Farr, for sticking with us when we felt nothing was worthwhile, and helping us get to the graduation and transition to college.

— Parent of 2019 graduate

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