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The value of our careful review and interview process.

Enhancing the ability of students to pursue their goals for life after Farr is our true measure of success. With this in mind, our Farr Academy admissions team carefully reviews the information we receive for each student. If we feel a student and Farr are likely to be a good fit, the student and their parents or guardians are invited for a tour and interview.

Key criteria for admission to Farr.

Referrals are accepted from public school systems, which may work in conjunction with mental health agencies and MA departments for social services, mental health and youth services. Admission factors for Farr Academy include but are not limited to:


Students in grades 7-12 with average to above-average intelligence.





Students whose cognitive testing is negatively impacted by emotional overlays or scatter that may indicate learning disabilities or ADHD.




Students diagnosed with emotional and/or behavioral problems and who may or may not have a learning disability or ADHD.



Other important factors we consider.

  • The student’s projected ability to perform within the Farr environment.
  • Believing we can meet the student’s educational, social, emotional, and/or behavioral needs — as indicated on the IEP, in submitted reports and in the interview process.
  • The makeup of our student body at the time of referral.
  • The expectation that parents or guardians and/or agency staff will remain actively involved in the student’s progress.
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About our intake and interview process.


Complete packets — including school records, academic and neuropsychological evaluations, transcripts, and any other pertinent reports — are sent by the school district.

An intake interview is arranged for the student, parents or guardians, referral source, and all other persons involved to meet with the Leadership Team.

A tour of the school at the time of interview is part of the process. If a student is accepted, Farr Academy will notify the student’s parents or guardians and public school.