While the classroom is the central element in a Farr Academy education, we provide students with other avenues to develop their sense of self. To help round out their educational paths and life skills, Farr offers a range of inspiring and engaging extracurricular activities.

Students making artwork

Farr Works: Creativity channeled into employment readiness.

This art-for-sale worksite enables student to create and sell a range of ceramics and woodworks via our woodshop, studio storefront, shows and exhibits. Inspired by the desire to help students find rewarding employment, Farr Works helps to build self-esteem, self-confidence and creativity, while developing valuable job-related skills with a fully-equipped ceramics studio and woodshop.  We also offer Job Placement services, guiding students through the process of part-time employment from doing research to keeping a job, and everything in between.

On-campus driver’s education.

Offered for the convenience and assurance of our students and their parents/guardians, Farr Academy conducts an accredited driver’s education program on our school’s campus — staffed by an award-winning, RMV-certified Farr instructor. Available at no cost to current Farr students, this course provides all of the classroom instruction and base driving hours needed to be eligible for a road test.

Car with driver's education sign
A campfire

Expanding self-awareness through outdoor adventures.

Our optional, free camping program at Farr Academy is an opportunity for all students to experience the great outdoors, guided by trained staff. Whether it’s a daylong field trip or an overnight weekend excursion, students gain a new understanding of their own capabilities along the way, including a sense of success and accomplishment that lasts a lifetime.